8 tips to help you finish before deadline

“Coming together is a beginning, staying together is progress, and working together is success”. 

Henry Ford

One developer has visited us recently, after a failed collaboration with another visualization studio, to make some illustrations of a large concept for him. The complexity of the idea, a large team of people influencing decisions, a lack of coherence in the property project, and a short deadline - these are only a part of the factors that have influenced the fact that the cooperation of the two companies ended in a complete fiasco.

During the conversation, while we were discussing  the strategy of the approach to his project, doubts arose due to earlier disappointment. The developer asked us what he could do on the part of his team to avoid a situation in which the deadline for the visualization would not be met.

How to finish before deadline?

Below I present 8 tips that will certainly improve the cooperation with the visualization studio and will also help you keep deadlines:

  1. Build a good team.

    Before you start working with a visualization studio, remember to build a team of people, who are necessary for a project to be constructed. These may be, depending on the project, e.g. :

    • Architect responsible for the main vision of the project

    • Interior architect who cares about the details of interior design

    • Landscape architect deciding on the shape of the environment

    • Photographer, if you decide on photomontage image 

    It is important to create such a team before applying to the CGI studio. That way, the cooperation process is more efficient because 3D artists can start their work immediately on the basis of relevant documents/references.

  2. Choose ONE person who will communicate with the CGI studio.

    Make sure that there is one person in the team who communicates directly with the visualization studio. It should be a person who will be a link between the whole band and a team of 3D artists. It is important that this is someone who will be able to communicate with the whole team so that the artists get one coherent feedback.

    A common problem in the comments visualization studios received from the clients is the lack of consistency. One person, looking only from his perspective, sends completely contradictory comments  than the other. This often causes misunderstandings and also significantly extends the process of creating visualizations.

  3. Hire a CGI office when you have a finished project.

    A frequent mistake made by people who employ a CGI office is the lack of a full project. At the moment when the project is not finished, many issues are not considered. In this case, many of the architectural problems come out during the process of creating visualizations. It often happens that details are not refined, and the deadline is close, so hasty decisions are made, which often results in changing certain elements over and over again. 

  4. Make sure you provide a complete set of information at the very beginning of cooperation.

    It is a common problem not to provide all available information at the same time, but to send them during the creation process. This often leads to a number of incoherences because often one such an error can affect the entire shot. 3D artists have often architectural background, so they can help in many cases. However, you should keep in mind that the artist who deals with solving issues of an unfinished project, has less time to create the visualization itself.

  5. Make sure that the list of comments is drafted precisely, but also in the shortest possible time.

    Preparing a list of comments too long delays the process of creating visualizations. Remember this, especially when you expect a tight deadline. 

    If you want to know how to prepare a great list of comments that will help us cooperate and meet your expectations, read our article:

    Communicate better with your CGI studio

  6. Make sure the references are consistent with your vision.

    Badly matched references often cause misunderstandings. References related to atmosphere and light are most often wrongly selected. When your interior is bright, and as a reference you send a dark, moody interior, the end result will never be as you imagine. Colors, light, materials are super important! Remember this when looking for inspiration.

    A common practice is that clients send too many references (especially when the project is not finished). They choose many images of different spaces and they want to use each of them for a small specific fragment in their new image. As a result, photos are delivered, often with completely different styles and atmosphere, which after applying do not necessarily give the desired effect. An element that works well in a particular concept, taken completely out of the appropriate context, usually does not work as well as the original.

    Imagine that you have 5 cars with the best design in the world, you choose an element for each of them, then glue all parts together. Do you think that this new "project" will be the best? Not necessarily...

  7. Stick to the rules set at the beginning.

    If the visualization studio sends a request for approval of a stage, do not change the opinion later. Everyone works according to some system, in the visualizations, changing the camera or light at a late stage, is actually often creating an image from the beginning.

  8. Choose the right CGI studio and listen to the suggestions of the artists.

    When choosing a visualization studio for your team, there was definitely something that influenced your decision about selecting this specific one. If it was experience, quality and approach to the topic, trust specialists. Years of practice of 3D artists mean that they can often suggest what will work best in a particular case or show the project from the best side.


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